The bounty hunting crew from left to right: Duane Lee Chapman, Lyssa "Baby Lyssa" Rae Chapman, Duane "Dog" Chapman, Beth Smith Chapman, Leland Chapman, and Tim Chapman (no relation).

With his long hair, dark sunglasses, and tight jeans, Duane "Dog" Chapman--star of the hit A&E reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" (Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET)--may not look like the typical Christian sitting in church. He's often seen cursing and screaming on the show, which follows Dog and the rest of his family, including his wife, Beth Smith Chapman, as they run Da Kine Bail Bonds in

Honolulu and track fugitives who have jumped bail. But the Chapmans are also born-again Christians, and once their prey is captured, they turn their attention to helping the accused criminals leave their dangerous lives behind. It's something Dog knows about from personal experience: He served two years in prison as an accessory to murder in 1977. But since his release, he has turned his life around and claims to have made over 6,000 captures during his 25-year career.

Dog and his posse have also made news recently
because Mexico is seeking to extradite them to face criminal charges stemming from their capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, who fled the U.S. to Mexico in 2003 just before being convicted of 86 counts of rape and sentenced to 124 years in prison. Though Luster is now serving his sentence in the U.S., bounty hunting is illegal in