He and Ed Begley Jr. once engaged in a battle to have the greenest house.

Nye has put a lot of thought and time into making his house as eco-friendly as possible which probably comes as no surprise given his love for science and nature. When Nye lived next door to actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr., they enjoyed some friendly competition where the environment was concerned. In 2008, Nye was in the lead. The solar panels and various home upgrades meant his house more energy back into his local power grid than it took out. Then, in late 2015, Begley moved. At the time, he had nine kilowatts of solar panels on his roof to Nye’s four, which put Begley in the lead. Nye told National Geographic, “a different neighbor’s house blocked the sun at certain times of the day. I’ve thought about cutting that part of her house down,” he laughingly said, “but it probably wouldn’t be the most neighborly thing to do.”

When Bill Nye’s the topic, there’s no shortage of cool and surprising facts. We’ll always love him for his trademark blue lab coat, colorful bow ties and sharing of facts that we didn’t know we wanted to know. He’s made an incredible mark on the science world and he will always be admired for it.