Thankful Quotes from Celebrities

We sometimes forget that celebrities are people just like us. The big difference is, when they go through tough times--illness, relationship problems, scandals--we usually get a front row seat to watch. But in spite of it all, so many of them stay grateful for the good things in their lives. In honor of Thanksgiving, Robin Williams, Michael J. Fox, Renee Zellweger, Michael Strahan and many other film stars and TV personalities tell Beliefnet about what they're most grateful for. Check out what they have to say.

Robin Williams

"Being alive. After heart surgery you dig that part. Breath, family and friends are just amazing. Just to have a second shot is pretty great!"

--Robin Williams

Marlee Matlin

"I am grateful for each and every food bank that helps families in need. Now, more than ever, hunger is a crisis in America, and yet it is not spoken enough and people have yet to give enough to help those in need. Local food banks help fill this need but they need our help, our support, and most importantly, our dollars. No one should ever go hungry."

--Marlee Matlin

Renee Zellweger

"I'm very blessed with people who will go great distance out of their way to help not just me, but other people in their lives. I think that's a huge blessing."

--Renee Zellweger

Richard Belzer

"What am I grateful for? Aside from my own great life you mean? I'm just grateful that my wife, and daughter, and dogs are all healthy."

--Richard Belzer

Richard Belzer stars on NBC's "Law & Order: SVU."

Michael J. Fox

"I wake up curious every day and every day I'm surprised by something. And if I can just recognize that surprise every day and say, "Oh, that's a new thing, that's a new gift that I got today that I didn't even know about yesterday," it keeps me going. It keeps me more than going. It keeps me enthusiastic and grateful."

--Michael J. Fox

Doris Roberts

"I'm thankful that this very hard year is almost over. It has been a scary year for people who lost jobs and homes. A scary year for those who didn't know how bills would get paid. The one certainty is the human spirit. People who have someone to lean on and to love are the luckiest people in the world."

--Doris Roberts

Michael Strahan

"Life, Family, and Health,"

--Michael Strahan

Chita Rivera

"I am so grateful to be alive. I am so blessed--I have friends, and family and my daughter and I am still working. I'm blessed. Believe me, you are looking at a blessed woman--(a woman) who says thank you all the time"

--Chita Rivera

Billy Ray Cyrus

"I could answer this question the same way every year. I am so grateful for my family, for the health of my family, that we have work that we dearly love. I'm grateful for all opportunities to see and speak to the fans. They give me so much joy, and I can never repay them. As always, this holiday season, my family and I will be thinking about and thankful for our troops. May they get to rejoin their families soon."

--Billy Ray Cyrus

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