Rev Run

Bio: As the "Run's House" star and part of the Run-DMC crew, the Rev offers spiritual wisdom--but won't follow you.

Recent Tweet: "If u put a small price on ur value.. rest assure that the world wont raise ur price! Love U 2day!"

Follow Rev Run: http://twitter.com/RevRunWisdom

Greg Grunberg

Bio: Funny "Heroes" actor-dad jams for charity with all-star band The Band from TV and tweets for epilepsy awareness for his afflicted son.

Recent Tweet: "Playing spelling Bee with the kids in bed. They're beating me. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? A Third Grader? & a Pre-K...'er?!! NO"

Follow Greg Grunberg: http://twitter.com/greggrunberg

Paulo Coelho

Bio: Down-to-earth author of "The Alchemist" has helped many follow their dreams through his writing; often communicates with fans via Twitter.

Recent Tweet: "If you are in Cannes during the Festival, you are welcome to meet me. I will stay in the same hotel as the main character of my new book."

Follow Paulo Coelho: http://twitter.com/paulocoelho

Tony Robbins

Bio: Self-help writer and speaker mainly tweets motivational quotes from himself and others, but sometimes offers advice to fans.

Recent Tweet: "You have to get stronger in this recession. Don't have the delusion that events control the way you feel."

Follow Tony Robbins: http://twitter.com/TonyRobbins

Soleil Moon Frye

Bio: Punky Brewster is now an eco-mama & part owner of an enviro-conscious kid's store. Directed a doc on Alzheimer's & promotes StandUp2Cancer.

Recent Tweet: "Off 4 something sweet to cheer me up.With ice cream and you guys I'm smiling.Thanks 4 the support in dealing with alzheimer's with my papa!"

Follow Soleil Moon Frye: http://twitter.com/moonfrye

MC Hammer

Bio: Best known for his '80s rap success, big pants, & fall from grace, Hammer has since become a preacher, successful bizman & Twitter celeb.

Recent Tweet: "Respect Women Wednesday.... Have a great day ladies !!! We go "Beyond Daily Respect". ... we love, need and can't live without U!"

Follow MC Hammer: http://twitter.com/mchammer

Rainn Wilson

Bio: Dwight from "The Office" co-founded spiritual website SoulPancake; posts hilarious musings and thought-provoking philosophical questions.

Recent Tweet: "Dear Public Radio: more Yiddish folktales read slowly and dramatically by really theatrical actresses!"

Follow Rainn Wilson: http://twitter.com/RainnWilson

Cesar Millan

Bio: The Dog Whisperer tweets on ways to better the relationship and connection with your four-legged friends. He'll probably follow you too.

Recent Tweet: "A dog is not a toy or a clothing accessory; it’s a living creature."

Follow Cesar Millan: http://twitter.com/cesarmillan

Kathy Ireland

Bio: Former model, now Christian speaker, successful CEO & inspirational writer; helps find solutions for busy moms. Often responds to followers.

Recent Tweet: "Please pray 4 ppl here & that we know are facing challenges. twitter brings us closer 2 each day.True blessing.TY for UR friendship. LOVE2U!"

Follow Kathy Ireland: http://twitter.com/kathyireland/

Demi Moore

Bio: Mrs. Ashton Kutcher is active in communicating w/ fans; participates in lots of charitable work & helped save a suicidal follower.

Recent Tweet: "There's no room 4 judgment it only creates separation & i'm pretty sure we R all equal in God's eyes. luv is luv in whatever form!"

Follow Demi Moore: http://twitter.com/mrskutcher

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