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In order to achieve your dreams you must, “Put arms, legs and wings on your dreams,” Dolly Parton said. In her new book Dream More, Dolly Parton talks about dreams and how to make them a reality. “Learn who you are, know who you are and what you are willing to sacrifice,” Parton said.

In her book, Parton shares her life experiences with readers and provides feedback that any person who has a dream can relate to. Parton’s down to Earth tone, makes readers feel like they are having a conversation with a close friend. Readers will be comforted as they learn about the highs and lows that Parton has went through to get where she is today.

“I thank God for my failures. Maybe not at the time but after some reflection. I never feel like a failure just because something I tried has failed. To me, the secret is all in how you approach things,” Parton said. “No one is ever successful at everything that they do. Just because something doesn’t work out doesn’t make you a failure. You can take your failure and add it to strengthen things.”

Considering Parton’s success – it’s comforting to know that she’s not perfect and has overcome obstacles and the impossible. However, even though Parton’s book would be considered an inspirational self-help book she emphasized that she doesn’t like to give advice to others.

“I don’t like to give advice. I like to give people information because everyone’s life is different and everyone’s journey is different. God has his plans and his reasons. Sometimes we are supposed to go through things so that we learn lessons,” Parton said.

All and all, Parton believes and informs others that everyone has a different path that they must take. Even though the odds may seem like they are against someone, there is a reason and a deeper meaning behind it.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or trying to over analyze a situation that has no real reason, Dolly believes that a person should look within and find a solution. “Look at things the way they are and pray for guidance,” Parton said. “Follow your heart and don’t listen to other people.”

If you have a dream and you are willing to take the path to achieve your goals – then anything is possible. Dream More is more than a self-help book, it’s a testament of a dream and will serve as a foundation to your future. Remember that in order to achieve your goals and become who you want to be, you must dream first and continue to dream more.

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