Shawn Michaels Book CoverSometimes you must fall before you experience and appreciate what the Lord has set out for you.

“I don’t think that there is anything unique about me. I know I was given a wonderful opportunity and I almost screwed it all up. I almost ruined everything around me. My salvation saved all that,” said WWE superstar Shawn Michaels.

In his new book Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar, Michaels discusses the ups and downs that he has experienced in life. “I tried to do it from an unguarded standpoint. I wanted to be honest. I had to speak of all things and honestly truly failed. If you can be the first one to step off the ledge, that’s when the healing process starts,” said Michaels.

For Michaels, salvation was never black and white. In fact, the people closest to Michaels knew that any recourse would have to be driven by Michaels himself, otherwise he would never change if forced. “In terms of me being a Christian, everyone expects you to be perfect. A lot of people just focus on the negative. It usually comes from the people that speak of wisdom from the Bible and they just don’t have that wisdom,“ said Michaels. “I love salvation because it’s all about not being perfect. Every great person in the Bible was not a very good human being. So for a guy like me, that’s wonderful.”

Wrestling for My Life is not overly dramatic or sensationalized however it speaks the harsh reality that Michaels had to come face-to-face with. His faith and willingness to live kept him alive. “I don’t think it’s overly dramatizing to say that I would have been destined to death if I didn’t make a change,” said Michaels.

You have to be a fairly positive and hopeful person to forge through the tests and let downs in life. Michaels has done just that – he has never allowed himself to quit and he tries to never lose sight of the bigger picture and the blessings he’s granted every day. “I might complain too much but I never lose hope. Jesus never changes and that is hopeful. He is the same. Yesterday, today and forever,” said Michaels.

Wrestling for My Life is more than an autobiography about a talented athlete, it’s a book that provides inspiration and hope to anyone in search for something more.

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