The angels say that quantum physicists are discovering that we humans focus too much on our clocks and calendars. By focusing on time, we lock ourselves into a dense third dimension. We humans have the ability to bilocate, instantly manifest and even levitate. Indigo Children and many spiritually aware adults know this truth, deep down. The answer is to stop focusing on time so much.

Many spiritually minded adults and children have been guided to remove their watches in recent years. As more of us do so, we'll see "miraculous" abilities reemerge in humans.

Also, many Indigo Children report that they have the ability to bend or warp time. For instance, my Indigo son, Chuck, uses time warps whenever he's late for an appointment. He says that all you have to do is think about your destination and what time you want to arrive there. "Don't look at the clock or any landmarks on your drive to your destination," Chuck counsels, "because that will slow you down by locking you into time and space. Instead, get your mind off of time completely by engaging in interesting conversation or listening to the radio. Don't speed or swerve in traffic. You don't need to. Simply keep a positive thought that you will arrive on time, and somehow, you'll warp time and get there promptly."

In the near future, telepathic communication will be the standard form of "talking" with one another. Indigo Children, especially the very young ones, already do this. The angels say that email is the precursor to our telepathic society, because it has whetted our appetite for instant communication. Do you notice how frustrated you get when an email takes five extra seconds to go through? The angels say that this frustration stems from our craving for mind-to-mind communication, which is telepathy. As we decide that email is too slow, we'll naturally choose a faster route: telepathy

We will become more telepathic as we start to trust our gut feelings and intuition more. Indigo Children are here to show us the way, as they're already very sure about the intuition. The Indigos won't betray their true inner feelings unless they're forced to by parents or teachers, or unless their intuition is drowned in Ritalin or other medications.

When the majority of us allow ourselves to become telepathic, a big shift in society will occur. Why? Because no one can lie to you when you're telepathic. Just think about the institutions and systems that will be affected when lies are instantly recognizable. These systems will be forced to change their thrust and develop a foundation of integrity and honesty--or they'll crumble and be replaced.

In the 1960s, many of the first Indigos (often referred to as "hippies") were given the assignment to bring integrity to our government and other systems. But they got distracted by heavy drug usage, became disheartened by the Vietnam War and Watergate, and later got sidetracked by mainstream responsibilities.

The Indigo Children are more focused and fierce than the hippie generation, and they won't be distracted (unless we drug their Life Purpose out of them!) They know that the archaic educational system needs a major overhaul. They know that the government and legal system is corrupt. They know that inequities abound in health care, animal treatment, and the environment. The indigos are here to level these systems so that we can start over. They know that there's no more time to waste.

The New Age of Peace will have us all living in cooperation and honesty with one another. In this New Age of Peace, the earth will be warm, tropical, and moist. We will live a much more natural existence, no longer craving or eating processed foods or beverages. Instead, our appetites will return to the desire for fresh fruits and vegetables, which will bountifully grow in Earth's tropical atmosphere.

Because of the warmth, clothing and shelter won't be as much of a focus for us. We will collectively let go of meaningless jobs creating meaningless objects. So, more people will work at--or near--their homes. We will be involved with work that matches our natural passions and interests. So, cars and airplanes will take a back seat to walking as the main form of transportation.

Smog, pesticides and food additives will soon become a thing of the past. So will stress and worry. Whenever we need something, we will use the power of visualization to manifest it. Since life will be more natural, our bodies will last longer and will be more healthy.

In some of my workshops, I help audience members remember how old they contracted to be in this lifetime. Before incarnation, each of us chooses two or three ages (such as 83 and 89 years old, in my case) when our body will shut down and our soul will return to heaven. I consistently find that Indigo Children have chosen advanced ages for their lifetime. Many of them will live several hundred years. That's because, in the New Age of Peace, our bodies won't deteriorate from stress and toxins, as they do now.

So when Indigos don't comply and act like good little girls or boys, it's often because they're listening to their inner guidance. They've come hereto usher in the New Energy of Peace, while enduring the last of the old energy of Fear. They were born during the last years of the age of Fear so that they'll be adults when the shift occurs, right around 2011. As adults we must applaud these children for their gifts and help them channel their talents in constructive--not compliant--ways.

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