Change. Push it through. Birth it this morning. Travail andweep for it. Break condemnation and every force that binds youup. You're pushing yourself to a new level. Push it through. Youwere not given the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a soundmind. Put a demand on God this morning. Let His Word comealive in your spirit.When you enter into prayer today, tell the Lord that you wantto be changed. Ask Him to help you embrace change as neverbefore. Tell the Lord that above anything else, you want His willto be done in your life.
I cannot stress that enough. It is His willthat is ushering in change this morning. It is so critical at thispoint in your life that you do not act on your own self-imposedwill. Don't get caught outside of God's special grace today bymaking changes not commissioned by Him. Allow the Lord's kingdom to come and His will to be done in your life.Call on the anointing to go into the crevices of your mind andthe depths of your spirit, and pull out everything that's unlike theLord.My friend, you are entering into spiritual warfare this morningto kill your consistent resistance to change. Annihilate your rebellionto making the changes God ordained for your life. Destroythe very root of disobedience in your life. Make sure that yougrab a hold of this; God is giving you a special grace to embracechange this morning. He's redirecting your course. He's shiftingyou to your next level. Be willing to undergo the transformation.Bind up fear, and loose your faith today. Take the opportunity togive God the praise. He is your protection, your leader, yourguide, and He is your Spirit of truth. It's time to grow up,mature, and embrace change today, in Jesus' name.