When something changes, there's no need in becoming undonebecause change is supposed to happen. In fact, change alwaysoccurs for your benefit. There are some comfortable areas in ourlives where if change did not come, we'd still be stuck in thosethings until Jesus returns.Stop letting change impact you negatively. Learn how tooperate in it and use it as a tool for your maturity. Question yourself,"Okay, I'm changing in this. This isn't the way it used to be.What level am I to operate in now? What's going on in my life?"Sometimes the Lord is urging us to change certain areas in ourlives.
He'll say, "I want you to learn how to communicate; I wantyou to learn how to not get so angry and watch your temper."Unfortunately, we often do not heed the lessons of the Lord.Know this: The Lord will never allow you to stay untaught. IfHe's trying to teach you a lesson about your emotions, then you'lllearn it one way or the other. If He's telling you to watch yourtone of voice and how you behave, then certain situations will lineup in your life to make sure you correct that facet of your life.For instance, someone may do something that would usuallyupset you. Rather than succumbing to strife, you'll remind yourselfto watch your temper. That is embracing change in your life.Now, you'll either learn that way, or the Lord will set you upin another situation where you'll have to learn the hard way. Youcould be in a crowded church hallway just after the serviceended, and because someone bumped you the wrong way, youstart a yelling match in front of everybody. Because of yourrambunctious and disorderly behavior, you're finally forced tochange. Your embarrassment provoked you to humility. Perhapsthe next time you'll pay a little more attention to God when He'strying to change you for your own good.
Do you know that you will never know what is in you untilyou're pressed out? Can you stand the pressure? Will you changefor the better?"Well, I never really finished school, and I'm trusting God tobless me with that."College isn't in your house! You've got to get up and go toschool. Nobody is going to knock on your door and say, "Excuseme. Did you want a Master's Degree? I sensed that in my heartwhen I was at the admissions office. Your name and address justcame up in my spirit, and something told me to come and bestowone upon you." Yeah, right!Just like Gideon, a lot of us need to lighten our load today.Gideon had too many people in his camp, and, therefore, had toforsake quantity in order to have quality. The people around himhad to be the right kind of people. Being laden with too many ofthe wrong people is a sure-fire way to stunt your spiritual growthin God.This morning, write down the things that you need to change.Be honest with yourself. If you are quick to have an attitude andfly off of the handle, then you should know that you need tochange that area of your life. Search yourself and change.Know this: From this day forward, you are not going to bepitiful.
You are not going to keep crying. You are not going to be awimp or afraid. You are not going to be cast down or burdened.You're not going to be distressed or depressed, overwhelmed orovertaken. You will not be fearful or frustrated, worn out or weary.You're going to be saved. You're going to be defended. You'regoing to be charged with a new strength and a new power. Youare God's anointed. In fact, you need to just say that aloud; "I amGod's anointed. He protects His anointed; He takes care of Hisanointed; He brings His anointed out."This is a different day for you today. This isn't yesterday oryesteryear. You're not even the same person you were then.Come up out of the past. This is a new era in your life. Refuse tobe a new person living in an old world. Refuse to be a newperson living in an old year. You're new. Whatever you didn'taccomplish in the past, forget it. Don't let that hold you back.Have the courage to start all over again. Whatever area youfailed in before today, let it go. You are not the same person thatfailed. You changed.There's a whole new commission and brand new direction foryour life. Don't let the enemy get you stuck in your old order.Don't get stuck trying to finish the old order of an old year justbecause you created your own deadline to get that thingcompleted.
If you didn't finish it and you missed your deadline,don't keep banging your head against the walls of procrastination,condemnation, and regret. Change.How much longer are you going to keep thinking about whatyou could have done, should have done, and would have done?How many times are you going to regret not being where youwant to be in your life if only you hadn't done such and such?Constant regrets are just causing you to halt positive change fromoccurring in your life.Some of you don't understand how deep this is. Sometimes,you've even got to go as far as changing your wardrobe, becauseyou're just not the same person anymore. Some of you are goingto have to move out of the neighborhood you're in; you're notthe same person anymore. It's a brand new day. This is a newera for you.The Lord is going to save you, raise you up, send youstrength, and send you help. Everything you need is going to bethere for you, if you'll only dare to embrace change and change.If you never embrace change, regret will constantly besiege youand make you very miserable. You'll always measure yourself bywhat you should have done, rather than what you actually hadthe courage and faith to do.Embrace change this morning-don't run from it.
If you haveto read this one devotion every day until it seeps deep down inyour spirit, then do that. Don't be afraid. The Lord has blessedyou with everything you need. Your dreams and your goals arefrom Him. Everything you need, He's already placed within you.Begin to birth change in your life. Push yourself. Set daily goals,and don't allow your past to become your prison. Break out. Youcan make it. Tell yourself that you can do it. If you never hear asingle person affirm your dreams and tell you that you can dothis, then just begin to prophesy to yourself.