In 1970, Hugh Prather helped usher in the New Age era when he published"Notes to Myself," a book that encouraged readers to seek spiritualinsights to soothe and resolve personal turmoil. Now, after 30 years ofcounseling people in pain, Prather has written "The Little Book of LettingGo," which distills decades of experience into a few nuggets of New Agewisdom. Though today it's hard to feel like Prather's themes are as revolutionary as they must have seemed in 1970, this bookis chock-full of inspirational stories. And the advice it offers about howto approach life's difficulties while keeping one's sanity is as timely asever.

Take the story about the couple whose 21-year-old daughter develops abrain tumor. While of course they seek medical care, they decide that whatthey really need to do is focus on her happiness, "letting go" of theirfears for her physical future, since it is beyond their control. The girlultimately recovered. Stories like this one are worth pages of New Agemeandering--which, unlike many writers who followed in his footsteps, Prather generally keeps to a minimum. Though its reminders to "letgo of the ego mind" may strike some readers as relentlessly upbeat, thisis a soothing tome which has much to offer anyone wearied by life'sburdens.