Gazing at the photograph of Tommy Tenney on the jacket of this devotional, it's hard to believe that the mild-mannered Clark Kent pictured here harbors the passion, the intensity, to have fueled the famous Tenney revivals in this country and abroad. Despite his milquetoast appearance, Tenney is all about fire and excitement; he first became an evangelical sensation by arguing that Christians need to lay everything on the altar and become "God chasers," not "pew warmers."

In this book, a companion of sorts to his earlier bestseller "The God Chasers," Tenney borrows quotations from John Wesley, Blaise Pascal, and other Christian thinkers, encouraging readers to go the distance in their devotion to God. ("O Grant that nothing in my soul may dwell, but thy pure love alone!" exalts Wesley.) Tenney also offers some all-or-nothing Scripture passages on desiring God (mostly Old Testament verses of the see-him-and-yet-live variety), and appropriates freely from his own writings.

This well-designed little devotional packs a motivational punch.

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