Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus
Walking on water is certainly miraculous, but walking peacefully on earth is an even greater miracle. Changing water to wine is wondrous, but it is more practical to change an unhealthy craving into a healthy desire. Raising the dead is clearly a miraculous demonstration of God's power, but so is healing your daughter's tummyache or removing the pain of an earache or, better yet, feeling vibrantly healthy so you don't get sick in the first place. This power to create practical miracles is now within the reach of every person.

Mankind has long awaited a special time when our capacity to create miracles would occur. All of the great religious leaders and prophets have predicted this time. In the last fifty years, the incredible speed of change triggered by new technologies and television has literally transformed the consciousness of the world. Just as the dawn precedes the rising sun, the last fifty years have glowed in the imminent and radiant light of the rising sun of a new age for mankind.

The dramatic spiritual changes in the West, inspired by the pope and other religious leaders, or the inspirational writings of self-help books that dominate the bestseller lists (and many more that don't make the lists), reflect this increasing awareness of the need for change and the different ways to accomplish change. These changes are not just of a spiritual nature; they have occurred in every segment of secular society as well. The radical social, political, economic, and health changes that have occurred in such a short period of time are historically unprecedented. Never has so much change occurred in such a short time, and never has so much knowledge and information been available to the public.

Not all these changes are necessarily good, but they have been needed to bring into focus what is most excellent or helpful to realize our new potential. Sometimes we need to go left to realize that we really need to go right. Mistakes are a part of the learning curve. Making a change for the worse and clearly recognizing its futility can become the catalyst to create a radical change for the better. Clearly, Adolph Hitler's demonstration of extreme one-way thinking revealed to the world the dangers of believing there is one superior race, one superior way of thinking and behaving. This fundamental shift from one-way thinking to seeing the good in all has unlocked the door for accelerated progress and transformation.

In simple terms, what makes this new age unique is that people now have the potential to experience God's presence and power within their hearts, and, as a result, accelerated change is possible. With this shift, humanity is finally capable of bringing "heaven to earth" and creating a world of peace, love, health, and prosperity for all.

In biblical days, Jesus spoke of a time when people would have the capacity to understand the truth and even surpass the wonders that he worked. He was speaking of our new potential to create practical miracles. Buddha also spoke of a time when mankind would be delivered from the suffering of ignorance. Moses spoke of the Promised Land of milk and honey and the salvation of his people.

The great leaders of all faiths, East and West, ancient and new, have predicted an age of universal peace, love, justice, and prosperity. For some, the ancient predictions mean the end of the world as we know it. But for all, it is the beginning of something very special. This special time is finally here-- it is not in five years or twenty years. The shift has already taken place. To appreciate this change, we just have to begin using our new potential. Humanity has been preparing for this change for thousands of years. This shift is similar to the ripening process of a fruit. At a certain time, the pear, which gradually grows and develops over time, is suddenly ripe. You can feel its sweetness by simply reaching up at the right time, and, with a slight twist, it effortlessly comes off. Prior to the moment of ripeness, it is a struggle to pull it off, and when tasted, it is not so tender or sweet.

In a similar manner, what was previously difficult or even unattainable for most is now universally available. This recognition is based not on a psychic vision of the future but on direct experience, a simple observation of what is now happening.

During the past twenty-eight years, besides counseling and teaching about relationships, I have successfully practiced and taught a variety of healing and meditation techniques that enable people to increase their personal fulfillment and outer success. In my workshops today, the immediate results that even beginners experience from healing and meditation practices are light-years ahead of what participants experienced a few years ago. Most participants achieve in one day a level of attainment that in many ways is equal to what took me twenty-five years of disciplined practice to attain.

From Monk to Millionaire
In my twenties, although my fundamental belief was and is Christian, I was a celibate Hindu monk for nine years. My common practice was to spend more than ten hours a day in meditation. I led a very simple life and often ate only one bowl of food a day. As with any devoted endeavor, the more you practice, the better you get. Although I became an expert meditator after about eight years, it took another twenty years of regular practice for my experiences to awaken my inner potential for creating practical miracles. This dedicated effort is no longer necessary. In just a few weeks of easy practice, workshop participants and clients today can achieve many of the positive benefits and results that took me twenty-nine years to experience.The practical benefits of meditation are not limited to spiritual attainment or peace of mind

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