There is a pattern: the man gets famous writing jeremiads, apocalypses, orspiritual guides, and then his wife gets in on the act. Think of Ed andGayle Wheat, or Tim and Beverly LaHaye. Now James Dobson, founder of theevangelical traditional-values group Focus on the Family, has enlisted thehelp of his wife Shirley to produce this devotional. It is keyed totwenty-six weeks, with a devotional for each day of those weeks. Thedevotionals comprise a small homily, suggested questions for the spousesto ask each other, and a prayer for one or both to say.

At its best, the book encourages spouses to treat each other with respectand constantly to examine their behavior for avenues of improvement. Atits worst, "Night Light" is pointlessly reactionary (taking potshots athomosexuals' complaining of "supposed discrimination") and poorly written("Lord, please give us wisdom and strength as we seek to affair-proof ourmarriage").

This book will best serve fans of James Dobson, who willappreciate his usual mix of Christian counsel and political views.