This is the umpteenth installment in the popular "With God" series by New Age mystic, lecturer, and media juggernaut Neale Donald Walsch. Once again, Walsch reminds us that all being is one and all being is God. Sadly, humans fall prey to the "illusions" of Need, Failure, and Disunity (among others) and lose sight of the fact that there is no distinction between Self and Other; from this error flow intolerance, oppression, and environmental destruction. Once we see that unity of being implies that our external reality and our inner consciousness are one and the same, we will understand that poverty, suffering, and even our need for oxygen are also mere illusions that we can dispel through spiritual awareness. We will then become "Masters" who "create our own reality."

Walsch regards all religions as equally valid pathways to God. Unfortunately, writing himself in the first person voice of God, he attacks every specific religious tenet--especially those that constrain wealth and sexuality--as a divisive affront to oneness. Asserting that "you are your own highest authority" and "there is no meaning to anything, save the meaning you give it," his feel-good, duty-free spirituality shades disconcertingly into nihilism.

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