This novel by Deepak Chopra reworks many of the New Age guru's trademark themes about the malleabilityof reality and the capacity of the mind to reshape it in an interestingnew form: the sci-fi whodunnit. Dr. Michael Aulden is living an ordinarylife--or so it seems to him--until he is called to rescue a heart attackvictim at 5 am one morning. When he arrives at the scene, the man is dead,a note reading "The Angel is Near" at his side, and Michael is accused ofhis murder.

But where in an ordinary mystery novel the motive would be jealousy orblackmail, in this strange tale it's a spiritual cabal--shades ofthe Illuminati--behind the scenes eager to recruit Michael and revealto him his own powers. Soon Michael and his wife Susan are caught in thenightmare of divine revelation, the ordinary world around them crumblinginto pieces as Michael tries to prove his innocence yet also becomesincreasingly aware of just how thin the veil of reality is. The lesson ofthis strange book is that spiritual mysteries are knottier than AgathaChristie, and more bizarre than any science fiction thriller.