There are lots of decisions you have to make for the first time when youdo go college: what courses to take, how to decorate the dorm, whatparties to go to, what kind of person to be. And, of course, a big part ofthat is learning how to worship. College students face many temptations, from existential philosophy coursesto skipping church on Sunday morning."Prayers for the Road" is the perfect book for college students who wantto take their first steps towards worshipping on their own.

Based around the psalms, these meditations gently nudge young readers tokeep the faith despite the attractions of the secular campus. The loneliness, homesickness, depression, and potentialloss of faith experienced by the early college student are addressed withreal grace and compassion, as the young adult is reminded that--far frombeing rote imitation of her parents--learning to worship alone is the realmeasure of growing up.