This groundbreaking book will please neither those who cling to claims of the paranormal nor skeptics who insist that paranormal activities are unscientific. Frohock maintains a remarkably open mind throughout this ethnographic investigation of paranormal phenomena, from near-death experiences to ESP to premonitions. He even sacrifices his scholarly "objectivity" (acknowledging that there is no such thing) by recounting some personal experiences that he cannot explain. His daughter once had a dream-premonition that a plane he would travel in would crash (it did, though he had just gotten off), and there was also the moment that he knew, sitting at the kitchen counter, that his mother, in a nursing home hundreds of miles away, had just died.

For this book, Frohock conducted in-depth interviews with psychics as well as skeptics (the "relentless critic" James Randi features prominently). Readers should be sure to stick around for the delicious final chapter, where he analyzes the success and failure of his interviewees' psychic predictions for his own life.

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