What is so unique about the Book of Psalms? Why is it so beloved by Jewsand Christians alike? And how can we use the psalms in worship today? ThePsalms, Rabbi Polish writes, are far more personal and intense than mostparts of the Bible; they speak to us directly, like a counselor or afriend. They remind us of our "desire to find God and our frustration thatGod often seems remote, hidden, unapproachable and unknowable." They showus--instead of telling us--the "drama of salvation," the struggletoward faith.

Polish's book consists of close readings of particularpsalms (his meditation on Psalm 38, which he likens to the lament of aperson who is gravely ill, is especially moving) as well as reflectionson what the Psalms have meant to him personally. He discovered the Psalms,he writes, at about the time his father suddenly died: "They had become mycompanion in the face of human need."

Let Polish's book be your companion to the Psalms.