Sunday school has come home--or at least to your home computer. If you are looking to extend and enhance your child's home Bible study, these interactive CD-ROMs offer choices that are fun and rewarding, while they teach moral and spiritual lessons. Like many children's products, most are based on popular licenses and characters found in other media, but with a Christian-values twist.
Old Testament Favorites
Brighter Child
Ages: 3-8
Contents: 3 CD-ROMs
Availability:, Christian bookstores and
  • Chapter and Verse: A delightful collection of children's CD-ROMs at a terrific price
  • Added value: Interactive music programs

    Each of Brighter Child's Old Testament Favorites--Young David Activity Center, Noah's Ark Activity Center, and Moses in the Land of Egypt--is sold separately, but look for the package of all three, which is available in stores at a great low price.

    All three CDs use simple but well-designed animation and multimedia elements, so the stories are all completely understandable, making the activities lot of fun. Kids can follow the path of young David as he goes from gentle shepherd boy to King of Israel, then play with mazes, slingshot aiming (remember Goliath?), a trivia quiz, plus a delightful musical section where kids can place period instruments on a grid and listen to the arrangements they've created.

    The Moses story is viewed by clicking on the illustrated scenes and listening to an audioplay, or kids can use the "Pick a Scene" section. Here, the basic grid is the same but features "clickables," including mini-videos. As with the David story, there are a series of related games such as "Red Sea Maze," "Swat the Gnats," plus a trivia section.

    The Noah's Ark story, tailor-made for children, also includes games based on building and preparing the ark, feeding and caring for the animals during the voyage, and then returning to dry land blessed with a magnificent rainbow.

    Adventures in Odyssey 3D CD-ROM Interactivity Game
    Rhinosoft Interactive
    Ages: 8 and up
    Contents: Two programs on two CD-ROMs, plus a softcover book
    Availability: Christian bookstores and

  • Chapter and verse: Though well produced with plenty of "interactivity," users may be frustrated by having to complete sections in order to proceed to the next.
  • Added value: If you are a fan of the Odyssey series, this is your title.
  • Adventures in Odyssey is inspired by the "values-based" video and audio series of the same name from Focus on the Family. Though not a prerequisite, it should be noted that familiarity with the series and its characters, including Whit, Eugene, Dylan, and perky pooch Sherman, is a plus. It opens with some promising choices such as "The Mystery of the Roses," "The Robot," and "Games Center." However, the user soon discovers they cannot explore these sections independently. Instead, the player must progress through the CD-ROM sequentially, starting with the first game "Scavenger Hunt," which must be completed fully before moving on. Not always an easy task.

    Odyssey is intended to teach Christian values by rewarding player's ethical choices. "Scavenger Hunt" isn't just a list of items for players to find, it's also a cast of characters for the player to help along the way. With pleasant animation and clever gaming premises, much of this can be fun; however, the "help" can be trivia questions and games the average 8-year-old might not be able to master easily (though patience is a virtue). Once you navigate successfully through all sections, you're free to revisit them at your leisure, but don't forget to save your game--or it's back to the beginning.