Melissa Joan HartIf you talk or listen to actress Melissa Joan Hart the first thought that will cross your mind is, “Wow, she is so normal and down to earth.” Somehow amidst her career, Hart finds time to juggle it all – children's clothing line business, kids, home life, and much more.

“I’m very blessed with a village. I have a big family - most of which live nearby. I have a great group of friends and we all rely on each other. I love to pass a long little advice tidbits when I can. We like to use dinnertime as a way to reconnect as a family. We turn off all of the electronics,” said Hart. While school and meal time prove to be the most hectic times of the day, Hart is able to make it all work.

“Parents are learning at their own rate. Every child is different. Every parent is different. A lot of friendships are made or broken on parenting styles,” said Hart. In essence, Hart believes that parenting is not an easy job however if you’re willing to set aside judgments and make decisions based off of your own family then you’ll find things are a lot easier.

Hart has always lived her life in the lime light – growing up on camera staring in Clarissa Explains it All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and recently showcased for the last five years on the hit sitcom Melissa and Joey. She acknowledges her family for her good upbringing that helped her stay grounded throughout her adolescence.

Melissa Joan Hart and FamilyAs every mom Hart, a mother to three boys, struggled with weight loss issues. But she worked hard and educated herself on weight loss and nutrition. “With your third child, it gets a little harder with each child. And it gets a little harder with age. I used Nutri System and lost 40 pounds. They taught me portion control, which is great for the entire family,” said Hart. She believes that staying active helped her keep the weight off and provide her with a healthy lifestyle. “Being in good shape with my kids is important. In the summer time we wake board and in the winter time we snowboard. Just being able to chase them down the street can be hard enough. So staying shape is important to me. My husband stays in shape for me, so I try to do the same for him,” said Hart.

It’s evident that Hart is not only a great mother and wife but a successful woman who empowers other women to do great things. Hart sets a fantastic example for others showing them that hard work pays off.

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