Kellie PicklerBeauty and the Beet is the latest addition to the Veggie Tales animated films.

Mirabelle, voiced by country star Kellie Pickler, and her traveling family band, the Veggie Tones, are determined to make their next gig at Vegetable Square Garden. A terrible winter snowstorm strikes and the family gets stuck at a run-down resort. The irritable hotel manager, Finnegan J. Beet, makes them sing and clean for their supper. Everyone wants to know, why is Mr. Beet such a beast?

Sweet potato Mirabelle is just that a sweet potato who wants to seeks out the good in everyone and strives to make everything better. “I think that Mirabelle has a beautiful quality all of us can all learn from. Her unconditional love, kindness, grace toward others. Even toward people that may not be kind to her. She’s nice to them anyways,” said Kellie Pickler.

Pickler’s sweet voice and irresistible charm help bring Mirabelle to life. “I didn’t have to change my accent or anything. I guess a sweet potato needs a little bit of a southern charm,” said Pickler.

Mirabelle is a breath of fresh air and gives Mr. Beet the unconditional love that he needs. Picker says that the overall message provides something that we can apply to all of our lives as well. The significance for parents and children – we must spread unconditional love and faith to others, so that they can prosper and live happily together.

Beauty and the Beet

“Veggie Tales is one of my favorites and I was really excited that they reached out to me to play Mirabelle,” said Pickler. In the movie, Pickler performs eight songs as Mirabelle. “I had a great time making Mirabelle and making this character come to life.”

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