We all have different ways of showing our faith and spirituality. Some stand on soapboxes and thump their scriptures while others might just lend a warm smile to the poor soul handing out coupons on the street. In the 80’s we saw the explosion of “Witness Wear” which was intended to be an overt expression of faith with phrases like “God’s Gym” or “I’d Rather Be Praying.”

Miley Jewelry

What we wear has always been a reflection of our faith. It might be a yarmulke, a taqiyah or a sari but often our dress outwardly expresses what we inwardly believe. For many the expression is becoming more subtle. In the case of celebrities like Miley Cyrus, it’s as simple as wearing a Rosary at public appearances and you’d be hard pressed to find a picture of David Beckham without him sporting a cross. More and more people are showing that you don’t always have to wear your faith on your sleeve, it can also hang from your neck.



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