Football Lessons

By Dena Ross

With both the college and pro football seasons getting started, it is important to recognize that there are many important things that we can all learn from football.  These are life lessons from an unlikely source - the gridiron.   We hope that these lessons help you learn to acheive your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Dena Ross is the Entertainment Editor at Beliefnet.

'Draft' Your Plan

Carefully formulate your strategy: Exactly what do you want? What do you need to do to get it? Organization is key to knowing exactly what your next steps are and the next plays to call. Be sure to print out your plan and put it up in a prominent spot--your desk, your refrigerator, wherever you work--to obtain your goal.

Take It 10 Yards at a Time

When you're working towards a goal, know that it's OK to take baby steps. You don't need to try and score a touchdown right away.

Form a Team

Accept that you might not be able to do everything on your own. Don't be afraid to ask for help from others--teamwork is what enables you to get closer to your dream.

Go the Distance

Always stay focused and look ahead to your goals. Remind yourself that nothing is impossible.

Surround Yourself with Cheerleaders

Associate with positive people--your own personal fan club--who will support your dreams and root for your success. Their encouragement will help you along the way in more ways than you can imagine.

Listen to Your Coach

We all need mentors and teachers in our life--those with life experience who can show us the way and help guide our decisions. Be sure to reach out to someone who can offer you the wisdom to help you make your goal a reality.

'Blitz' Negativity

Remove negative influences and people from your life. They will bring you down and zap the positive energy you'll need to get ahead.

Intercept Opportunities

Be sure to pay attention to the world, especially the people and situations around you. Be prepared to grab an opportunity and run with it.

Be Ready to Change Direction

Sometimes in life you need to "call an audible" and switch to a different play. When you see an obstacle in your way or feel another direction is the way to go, trust your gut and go for it.

Try a 'Hail Mary'

Have faith in yourself and in your abilities. Look within for your strength. If you believe in a Higher Power, pray for assistance.

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