And suddenly he's [Superman is] splayed out on a hospital bed, and his life is now in the hands of mortals. And on the musical score actually, the title of that piece of music on our score is "In the hands of mortals." Suddenly, there's a doctor, there's a guy there with the paddles. I didn't necessarily imagine that whole [biblical] event. But the moment they took him [Christ] down… and when they strip the [Superman] suit off, there's the body. And there's the wound. There's the penetrating stab wound! And it's the unthinkable. And so I just sort of imagined the intimate story [of Christ's death].

And I dare not draw comparisons to things like... I don't even want to give a quote. I would rather the audience discover these moments. But you know, even when they try to use the paddles, they say, "Shock at 250." "Well he's not human." It all echoed in some ethereal place--like maybe he's listening.

There's a moment when Lois and Richard [her fiance] and the child save him. And then there's the other moment when nothing can save him. The needle doesn't penetrate. The defibrillator, they raise it to 300 because he's an alien and it explodes. And now, he's just, he's just left for fate to occur. Which does occur.

In Entertainment Weekly recently, when asked if Superman was relevant, you said, "Look around. Aren't we crying out for him?" How are we crying out for this kind of a savior figure?

I think people right now, more than ever, have become--we've become an individual, selfish culture, at times. I think he represents that kind of character that can walk among us, but has a selfless side. And when there is so much bad happening, it's very, very important to be able to look at a character, even if he is in tights [laughs] and say, "Hey maybe I can be a good guy like that."

He's the light in the darkness. He's the light to show the way.

"They can be a great people, Kal-El. They only lack the light to show the way." He is that light. And that's something he's maintained for 70 years. He's always been the good guy.