Each year, Beliefnet picks the top 10 spirituality and religion books. The following books published this year didn't make it to our list, but were important books of 2005.

Beyond the House of the False Lama by George Crane: This follow-up to "Bones of the Master," Beliefnet's Book of the Year in 2000, chronicles Crane's adventures as a nomad throughout the world.
Born to Kvetch by Michael Wex: Professor and translator Wex traces the development of Yiddish language and culture, firmly rooting it in Jewish religion.
Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge: This Christian best-seller attempts to help women understand what they really desire from relationships.
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Fallen by David Maine: The latest Bible-story-based novel from the author of "The Preservationist" retells the story of Cain and Abel.
Glimpses of the Devil by M. Scott Peck: The final book by the author of "The Road Less Traveled," who died this year, explores the role of exorcism in healing mental illness.
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God's Choice by George Weigel: The biographer of Pope John Paul II turns his attention to the new pope, Benedict XVI in this chronicle of how Joseph Ratzinger was chosen to lead the world's Catholics and discusses what this choice means for the future of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Great Theft by Khaled Abou El-Fadl: The renowned Islamic scholar explains his vision for a moderate Islam.
The History of Love by Nicole Krauss: This novel about love and loss intertwines the stories of Holocaust survivor Leo Gursky, and 14-year-old Alma Singer.
Jesus and Yahweh by Harold Bloom: Literary critic Bloom turns his eye to the Jewish God and Jesus.
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The Last Word and the Word After That by Brian D. McLaren: The final book in McLaren's "New Kind of Christian" trilogy.
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Light from Heaven by Jan Karon: Wrapping up her popular "Mitford" series, Karon prepares her beloved characters, Father Tim and his wife Cynthia, for life after retirement.
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Maps for Lost Lovers by Nadeem Aslam
The mysterious disappearance of a Muslim couple living together out of wedlock creates a stir in a tight-knit Pakistani community in England.
Not in Kansas Anymore by Christine Wicker: Religion reporter Wicker explores how the practice of magic is infiltrating all walks of American life.
Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter: The former U.S. president criticizes the role of the religious right in government and explains how his Christian faith influenced his morality.
The Universe in a Single Atom by the Dalai Lama: The Tibetan Buddhist leader explores the intersection of science and spirituality.
Where God Was Born by Bruce Feiler: The "Walking the Bible" author returns to the Middle East to explore what we can learn from ancient religious places.
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Why the Jews Rejected Jesus by David Klinghoffer: Analysis of the debate between Christians and Jews over Jesus, from the time of his birth to today.
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