While there's no equivalent to Harry Potter's make-believe school, seminaries offering a serious education in witchcraft and paganism are starting to crop up around the U.S. It's a small trend so far, but growing: as paganism expands, so does its need for trained religious leadership. Some seminaries offer full-time programs or even ordination, while others are much more informal. Nearly all operate completely or mostly via the internet--which many people consider magical in its own way. Our chart compares Harry's magical (and fictional) education to real-life pagan schools:

Harry Potter's
Name(s): Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Cherry Hill Seminary


The Covenant of WISE (Wisdom, Integrity, & Spiritual Enlightenment)

The College of the Sacred Mists

School of Magick
Admissions: In late childhood, your innate magical powers start to manifest themselves. You receive a letter on parchment via Owl Post welcoming you to the school Fill out a form, online or on paper; submit with appropriate payment
Who Attends: Children ages 10-17 Adults. Some prefer that students have a BA degree or that they have a background in studying Wicca or other forms of paganism
Location: Somewhere in the United Kingdom, on a hill by a lake inhabited by a giant squid On the internet, mostly. Some have campuses in locales such as Jemez Springs, New Mexico (Ardantane), Bethel, Vt. (Cherry Hill Seminary), or Conyers, Ga. (Covenant of WISE)
Expenses & Fees: Though tuition isn't mentioned, students must pay for robes, books, and supplies (like cauldrons) $25 enrollment fee; $20 monthly tuition (College of the Sacred Mists)

$50/unit hour; $15 application fee ; $50 graduation fee (Cherry Hill Seminary)

$18 enrollment fee; $9/month (School of Magick)
Sample of courses offered: Charms, Transformation, Potions, Defense against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Divination, Arithmancy, and more Pagan Pastoral Counseling, Cultural Appropriation (Cherry Hill Seminary); Leading the Shamanic Journey, Basic Ritualcraft (Ardantane); Discovering the Wheel, Attuning to the Wheel (Covenant of WISE)
Schools' Patrons: Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and the nefarious Salazar Slytherin Hypatia of Alexandria (Cherry Hill Seminary's guardian ancestor)
Exams: OWLs (Ordinary Wizarding Levels)
NEWTs (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests)
Midterms, finals
Graduates' Careers or Roles: Auror (tracker of Dark Wizards, a cross between a private detective and a psychic); Healer (magical doctor); teacher; Ministry of Magic bureaucrat; Quidditch all-star Pagan Priest or Priestess; teacher; chaplain; pastoral counselor; lay-leader of a coven or community
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