We're getting that "meta" feeling on this week's winner, "Real World: Paris." Not only is the cast a near parody of a typical Real World crew (see last week), in the second episode, the girls have already danced on a bar, cried over a guy and had jacuzzi moments. It's as if they know how they are supposed to act!

Meanwhile, on NBC's new entry, "For Love or Money" nobody seems to know what's going on. Rob knows nothing about the $1 million check the girls think comes with winning his heart. The girls don't know that the winner of Rob's heart will have to choose between him and the check.

The Real World: Paris
The bartop booty-shaking pales next to Adam cravenly dressing Leah down for aspiring to earn Ace's love, after realizing he'll never rate Mallory.
Road Rules
After airing his views on fake breasts, Abram gets chewed out by Mary Beth, who aired hers in Playboy.
Fraternity Life
In the finale, the pledge brothers abandon Steve, who flunked the exam, but still congratulate themselves with unending "you da mans." An extra 'head for the valedictory montage, which reminisced about kissing half-naked babes and strippers.
The Amazing Race
Russell reverts to name calling, while Josh proves he's an equal opportunity bad mouther, talking about wanting the "pretty boys," Chip and Reichen, gone.
For Love or Money
We get a hint of the contestants' class when Christy got drunk and wrote on Paige's painting.

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