Information and Resources
A Primer on Stem Cell Research
Frequently asked questions and definitions of terms, from the National Institutes of Health

A comprehensive overview of the ethical debate and the stances of various religious organizations.

The Connection
The National Public Radio show devoted an installation to stem cell research, and its website includes many resources.

News Articles
Pig Cells Keep Diabetes at Bay in Baboon

Umbilical Cord Blood Can Rebuild Adults' Supply

Singapore Scientists Find Way to Fix Broken Hearts

Gene That Directs Stem Cell Fate Discovered

Ethical and Religious Voices
An Analysis of Stem Cell Research From A Disability Perspective
By Mary Jane Owen, executive director of the National Catholic Office for Persons with Disabilities

National Conference of Catholic Bishops
In a letter to the Senate, the bishops lay out their opposition to the research.

Presbyterians Issue Guidelines
The Presbyterian Church (USA) issued guidelines for appropriate use of stem cell tissue for research,supporting the research with limitations and qualifications.

Southern Baptists Discuss the "Genetic Minefield"
An article in SB Life discusses the ethical challenges of genetic research, and advocates adult, rather than embryo, stem cell research.

"Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Ethically Wrong Treatment of the Tiniest of Humans "
From Concerned Women of America

Focus on the Family Statement on Human Embryo Stem Cell Research
James Dobson and Focus on the Family voice their opposition to stem cell research.

Reform Judaism Resolution on Fetal Tissue Research
A 1993 statement about a closely related bioethics issue.

One Othodox Jewish View
Rabbi Moshe Tendler, an Orthodox Bible scholar and biologist, supports stem cell research.

Christopher Reeve on Stem Cell Research
The paralyzed actor's testimony to the NIH.

Scientific and Medical Voices
"Save Embryonic Stem Cell Research"
A Scientific American editorial

"Cloning and Stem Cell Research: Wrong Motives on Both Sides of the Atlantic
A paper from the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
A statement in favor of stem cell research

A Letter from Association of American Medical Colleges
Writing to the House Committee on Appropriations, the AAMC supports the research.

On Human Embryos and Stem Cell Research: An Appeal for Legally and Ethically Responsible Science and Public Policy
From Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics.

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