In the middle of June, Beliefnet member LizMorton started a discussion in the Beliefnet Abortion boards called "Change of Mind," in which she told the story of her switch from being pro-choice (which she originally termed "pro-abortion" before restating it in later posts) to pro-life. "I have experienced a miracle that changed my mind and heart," she writes. The miracle LizMorton refers to is not a religious conversion but the birth of her child.

When pressed about her new thinking, LizMorton refused to say abortion should be outlawed; she first restricted it to necessary medical procedures, then said no woman should be denied the option of having an abortion. Can a person be pro-life and pro-choice? Share your thoughts, or share the experiences that made up your mind to be in favor of legal abortion or against it.

I used to consider myself pro-abortion, that is, until about 10 months ago, when I found out I was pregnant. Being only 19, I was scared and confused, but from the second the test came back positive, I realized I had a human growing inside of me.

I do not understand how anyone could make the argument that it is only "fetal tissue." I went through an amazing 9 months. My thoughts on becoming a mother changed daily due to hormones and other physical and emotional changes. There were days I would have rather not been pregnant, but never for one minute would I have considered an abortion.

My son was born in April, and I am now very happily married and love being a mother. Pregnancy and birth made me believe in miracles, and I can't help but feel that God has blessed me in the most incredible ways.

I understand that there are certain situations where an abortion is a necessary medical procedure and do not think we should outlaw it completely. However, I have now gained a new perspective on life and find it sad that the gift of human life is considered an inconvenience that can be thrown away so easily. I believe this is an issue that should not be settled by law but by simple common sense, human dignity, and respect for the wonderful lives we have all been given.

When asked to define her stance further, LizMorton wrote:

I do not think we should make it illegal, which would be taking away women's choice. I just think there shouldn't be a need for any law about the issue at all. It should be something that is an option to be discussed between a woman, the father of the child if he is involved, and the doctor.

There should be no law about it either way, at least not a federal law. If states want to make laws about it, that is their choice, but the federal government, under the Constitution, has no business getting involved. This is not a legal issue but rather it should be a moral issue. We do not need laws to tell us if something is wrong or right; we only need to look to our own hearts. I have never once in any of my writing said we should deny women the choice, and I don't know where you all are getting that idea. I have only said that, in my opinion, which I have the right to express, I wish more people would make the choice to let the baby live because I think they would be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful parenthood can be. This is only my opinion based on my own experience, and you all have a right to your own opinions, but please stop putting words in my mouth. You all seem to think pro-life means I am against choice. I consider it to mean that I prefer life over abortion. That in no way means that I want to deny people the right to make their own decisions.

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