Teens who pledge to remain virgins have been getting a lot of support lately from their role models. From virginal vixens to athletic abstainers, here's a selection of some recognizable chaste celebs.

Pop princess Britney Spears has been quoted as saying, "I have very high morals. I don't believe in sex before marriage. I don't believe in drugs or smoking. I believe in God."
"Roswell" star Brendan Fehr says his fans "think it's cool" that he's choosing to remain a virgin. His on- and off-screen interest, Majandra Delfino, says, "I love being a virgin, too."
Jessica Simpson, who has performed at "True Love Waits" events, insists that her wedding gift "will be a heck of a lot more valuable than a big-screen TV."
The Williams sisters are reportedly waiting for that perfect ace. "When they are dating, they should be planning to get married," mom Oracene has been quoted as saying.
"Friends" star Lisa Kudrow didn't get too friendly before marriage saying, "My virginity was something I had decided was very precious, something that I owned to give away."
Former "General Hospital" heartthrob Jonathan Jackson hasn't had sex--a decision his character struggled with--putting "God before self."
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