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Okay, you've busted me. I don't celebrate Christmas, at least not the religious aspects behind it. More than a few folks have told me that Christmas has turned into a totally secular holiday.

Regardless, I save my religious observances for Chanukah (and important Jewish holidays) but don't mind anything that makes people think about others, walk around with smiles on their faces--and, if an old man in a red suit wants to give me presents, who am I to argue? And...I have to admit...I really enjoy giving presents.

I would tell you what we got our folks and our son, but since a few of them read this page, I can't.

But what would I like for this holiday season?

I tend to buy most material things (which we can afford) that I want. Sometimes we wait for books we want when we need to, and right now most of our big/important purchases are for our son.

But there are non-material things that might be nice to see gifted. You've heard of the Gay Agenda--well, here's my newest version, especially for Christmas:

My Christmas Agenda

  • Our rights shall never be abridged on the basis of our sexual orientation.
  • There shall be no job discrimination on the basis of our sexual orientation.
  • This shall include service in the military.
  • Orientation shall play no role in division of marital assets or custody of children in cases of dissolution of marriage.
  • Orientation shall play no role in matters of adoption, whether by a single person or a gay/lesbian couple.
  • There shall be no housing discrimination on the basis of orientation.
  • There shall be no credit discrimination on the basis of orientation.
  • A right to marry exists and gay and lesbian couples may marry under the same rights and terms as non-gay or lesbian couples.
  • None of this can happen unless we seek it out. So, as you continue to make your Christmas lists, how about you let your friends and relatives (and elected representatives) know what you would like for Christmas?

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