Todd Werner has a few interesting things to say to the theologically minded pre-K set about God in his CD "I Can Talk With God." He brings up the possibility that being with God is as much about having fun as it is about being serious or trying not to squirm in church. Singing in the first person from a child's perspective, Werner tells his audience throughout the CD that, as the title implies, God is always accessible to everyone.

Werner has put these and many other deep thoughts together in 10 fun, feel-good songs that he wrote, arranged, and produced himself. The music is folksy and upbeat. Sometimes it's downright danceable. In several of the songs, Werner sings and picks along on his guitar alone. In others, The Wooden Bridge Children's Choir adds to the joyful and lively spirit. There are two beautiful and moving songs that reassure his listeners that we are all made of love. Werner's CD has what it takes to become a dependable mood alterer at pivotal times in a child's day, or a parent's, for that matter.

Werner steers clear of any references to specific religious beliefs, except in the line "Hinkle finkle dinkle doo, Now tell me what would Jesus do?" The lions and tigers and turtles and snakes that populate these songs are not from Noah's ark. Werner even manages to avoid giving God a gender. Some parents might feel a bit uncomfortable about using such an irresistible method of presenting God to their children, preferring to allow them to make their decision about whether or not they believe without any coercion. But for those of us who feel no compunction about taking full advantage of the extreme influence we wield for a few short years, Todd Werner's CD is a safe, sensitive, and trustworthy ally.

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