"A Little Too Close" To God is an erudite and elaborate response to a question put to David Horovitz, the editor of the Jerusalem Report, by his 5 year-old son: "If you both get killed, who's going to make our sandwiches?" No one wonders why individuals move to hotspots around the world to work for peace and justice. But why, muses Horovitz, have I had "the arrogance, or the stubborness, or the blindness, or the faith" to raise children in Israel?

"A Little Too Close to God" offers political commentary and history of the very first order. Horovitz's discussion of Rabin's assassination and its meaning for Israel, as well as the election and subsequent rejection of Netanyau, are especially valuable.

Horovitz's answer to his son's question is an indictment of those pro-Israeli individuals he has met in his travels outside of Israel. Their rejection of his hopes for peace with the Palestinians is undercut, in Horovitz's eyes, by their unwillingness to actually live in Israel, to throw their lot in with the future of the land. In that sense, raising children in Israel is a radical political statement about the hope for peace.

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