Not Kosher Congressional pork Pork
Famous Temple Al's Buddhist Temple Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown
Faux Pas
Monica's tie Joe's comb-over
Missing Letters Vince Foster's
suicide note
The o in "G-d"
Island Martha's Vineyard Ellis Island
Food Quarter Pounder
with cheese
Pastrami on rye
Religious Reversal Madeleine Albright finds out she's Jewish Hillary converts to Judaism
Question asked by youngest at important meal "Fries with that?" "Why is this night different from all other nights?"
Things we'll never hear from their lips TKTKTK TKTKTK
Things we'll see on lips Saxophone Mezzuzah
Objectionable Internet material Starr report Anti-semitic slurs
Lexicon Bubba: "Southern for mensch" Mensch: someone who keeps his hands off the interns


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