This is a most unusual book, for its author disclaims true authorship.Paul Ferrini's aphorisms purport to be the teachings of Christ himself,transmitted through Ferrini's consciousness. "Christ," coming throughFerrini's pen, is careful to note that he is not being "channeled," andthat this book "is the result of one listener's joining with the ChristMind, of which he and you are essential parts." The mind receives Christ,and Christ is in the mind. This, not physical resurrection, is the trueSecond Coming.

How strange, then, that Christ should sound oddly similar to a self-helpguru! Ferrini writes about abusive relationships, forgiveness, "findinglove within," how to say "no" in a loving way, and the importance oftaking care of yourself, all the while purporting to be receiving messages from the divine. Then again, since the premise of this bizarre book isthat Christ is everywhere and speaking through everyone at all times,maybe the therapeutic writers of the world are simply tapping into theChrist Mind as well.