Beliefnet columnist Gary Bauer is on location at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. Each day this week, he'll be posting new audio entries on this page.

"The GOP is seen as more friendly to families and family values. Elites may not be able to define 'family values,' but families don't appear confused on the subject."

"The body politic is in a mood for reliable standards of right and wrong."

  • Click here for his latest installment:

    Virtue Through The Ballot Box

    -- posted Thursday at 7:45 p.m. EST

  • Journal Archives:

    · Wed., August 2
    Reassembling the Reagan Coalition

    · Tues., August 1
    Independents Ready to Vote Conservative

    · Mon., July 31
    Part I: Don't Count Religious Conservatives Out
    Part II: Dick Cheney, Conquering Hero

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