Festive festival meals don't only belong to seder-making Jews and Yule-log eating Christians. Goddess worshippers, too, can make meals celebrating the seasons.

If you're a witch who is stumped for celebratory recipes, look no further than Karri Allrich's "Recipes from a Vegetarian Goddess." Celebrating Spring Equinox? Try serving cream of carrot soup and curried stuffed eggs. Looking for the proper libation to serve on Beltane (May Day)? Mix up a pitcher of May wine. For Summer Solstice, try chilled potato leek soup and curried slaw; on Imbloc (Candlemas), bake Irish soda bread and a pear crisp.

Allrich does more than reel off recipes. She urges readers to make preparing meals a spiritual experience--call on Hestia, as you "patently stir a soul-satisfying soup" and Aphrodite as you pull chilled wine glasses out of the freezer or place a vase of fresh-cut flowers on your table. And recognize that taking time for a good meal honors the Goddess, and connects bread-breakers to her and to each other.

Bon Appetit!

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