Quit Your Bitchin'
The Top Ten Reasons To Stop
1. Sound More Intelligent
More often than not, nonswearers don't just seem smart, they are smart. You can be among their ranks by talking in a simple, direct manner. You don't need to use ten-dollar words to sound intelligent. Compare "I suspect Bill doesn't have all the information he needs to make that decision" with "Bill is a stupid bastard who will fuck it up because he doesn't know shit." Who's the stupid one?
2. Communicate More Clearly
What does it mean to say something looks like shit? Suppose you are talking about a house. Is it brown? Poorly designed? In need of paint? In disrepair? If you refer to someone as an asshole, will others know what you mean? Is that person loud and obnoxious? Dishonest? A bully? Irresponsible? A woman hater? Be specific, especially if you are trying to alert others to keep him out of your fifty-minute car-pool trip.
3. Be More Pleasant
Coarse language doesn't sound nice. Any argument with this one? You might be used to hearing it, but if you think about it, words that representbody waste and violent sex acts are harsh and bitter. Besides, people who swear often tend to be disagreeable
4. Have Greater Control of Your Emotions
  • Jennifer Knapp
    She's coming off a highly successful tour with Third Day, and she plain old tears it up.
  • 5. Avoid Offending Others
  • Audio Adrenaline
  • 6. Earn More Respect
  • Brent Bourgeois
  • 7. Improve Your Relationships
  • "A Christmas Story" Point of Grace
  • 8. Avoid Conflict and Hostility
  • "A Christmas Story" Point of Grace
  • 9. Be a Happy Person
  • "A Christmas Story" Point of Grace
  • 10. Contribute To a Better Society
  • "A Christmas Story" Point of Grace
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