In this new millennium, says Lisa Marie Nelson, we're all searching for a more spiritually fulfilling life--and not just adults, but kids too. But kids are often left out of their parents' spiritual seeking. Nelson, who has written and produced several award-winning videos and recordings fro kids, is here to show us how to integrate children into our journeys.

"Getting There!" is filled with insight--starting with the reminder that parents aren't there just to teach their children, but to learn from them, too. We should teach kids to recognize and name their emotions, but they can teach us something about expressing our feelings unselfconsciously. We can teach our kids to be fearless and take risks, but they can remind us of our connection to nature. We can teach our kids how to offer formal prayers of thanks, but they can remind us how to forgive others.

Reading "Getting There!" is like reading an extended--and practical--meditation on Kahil Gibran's "On Children." Treasure it.

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