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Keep the Faith
This Joy has liberated ME - Woo!
(this Joyx7)

Through all life's complications, Through all life's ups and down, in every situation you got to keep your feet planted on the ground.
No matter what the problem, there's nothing he can't do. Just keep the faith, don't hesitate, and he will see you through.

I get joy when I think about what he's done for me
I get Joy! when I think about what he's done for me
Heeeehhee you can't tell it like I can tell, what he's done for me. YEA!

So when you feel discouraged when you feel all a go...remember somebody's watching you and he never ever leaves you alone.
He loves he sees he cares, and he knows what your all about, so keep the faith, don't heisitate he will bring you out.
I'll get JOY Hey! Down in my soul!
I'll get Joy Hey! It making me whole!
This Joy has liberated ME!


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