CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - An Egyptian court has refused to uphold a divorcenotice sent by a Muslim man to his wife by e-mail, saying Islamic lawscannot be interpreted to accept electronic documents as evidence, courtofficials said Thursday.It is Egypt's first reported case involving divorce by Internet, which isstill a limited medium in this country of only about 50,000 Internetsubscribers among a population of 65 million.The ruling Monday by the Civil Status Court in the northern city ofAlexandria is a blow to the woman, Jaclyn Farouk, who had accepted thedivorce notice and had remarried.Farouk went to court when her first husband, Hisham Mahmoud, changed hismind about the divorce and threatened to sue her if she did not leave theman she had married.Farouk, a university student, told the court that she remarried only afterMahmoud sent her an e-mail informing her he was divorcing her. He sent thee-mail from a foreign country where he is studying on a scholarship.According to Islamic law, a man can obtain a divorce by uttering the words"I divorce you" three times.Farouk presented a copy of the divorce e-mail in court, but the judgerefused to accept it as evidence, said the officials, speaking on customarycondition of anonymity.It was not clear if the court ruled on the validity of Farouk's secondmarriage or whether she will appeal the verdict on the divorce.