If you've missed any of the books, here's a cheat sheet:

"Left Behind"
God has raptured his faithful to Heaven, leaving behind millions. Rayford Steele and his daughter Chloe, pastor Bruce Barnes, and journalist Buck Williams try to navigate the chaos. And a charismatic leader arises to solve the world's problems.

"Tribulation Force"
Barnes, Williams, and the Steeles came to faith after the Rapture. They've banded together to tell the truth of the Gospel to the rest of the world. The group realizes they are entering a seven-year period called the Tribulation, during which disaster followed by disaster will plague the planet. Nicolae Carpathia has risen to power: Barnes suspects he is the anti-Christ, and Williams and Steele go to work for him.

Two years after the Rapture, Carpathia has become the head of the U.N., and Williams and Steele, still in his employ, are in constant danger as they work for the Antichrist but witness for God.

"Soul Harvest"
21 months after the Rapture, a terrible earthquake strikes. Rayford Steele and Buck Williams have become separated from their friends, and they search from America to Iraq for loved ones.and the truth.

Rayford suspects that his new wife, Amanda, may not be a true believer, and Chloe and Buck, now married, wonder whether they should have a child when the world is so chaotic. As the characters try to figure out these dilemmas, a plague that makes Egypt's locusts look like child's play hits.

Rayford Steele contemplates participating in a plot to assassinate the anti-Christ, Nicolae Carpathia, but Rayford isn't sure whether knocking Carpathia off will serve God. Carpathia's former lover now claims to be a believer, but Chloe, Buck, and the others are suspicious.

"The Indwelling"
Carpathia is dead, and no one knows who killed him. Folks suspect Rayford, who must flee to Jerusalem. The battle between Heaven and Hell rage, and the true believers know their time is limited.

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