Many observers think that because Elian Gonzales has been returned to his father, he has lost his significance as a universal symbol--sort of like the Mir space station or Bill Clinton. But Elian's experiences as a celebrity still can be instructive. Below is an almost-live chat in progress with the Little Cuban Boy, answering questions on spiritual and political questions that have stumped the nation. Elian is typing on a laptop borrowed from Janet Reno.

Moderator: Elian, what was it like when the Federal agents burst in to your room to take you to your father?

Elian: 46gsuhfd8jjmm Darth ,mnf Maul..8# !

Moderator: Elian, is anyone there with you? We might need them to help type your answers for you.

Elian: 46gdo..No*.

Moderator: Um, Ok. First, here are some questions we've received by e-mail for you. Steve Archer of Pompano Beach, Fla., asks: "What is your dominant impression of life in America?"

Elian: &tTVpizzacb u74..BIGmacbreak..now. Tonkatoystory2&3Bigwheel.

Moderator: You're pretty overwhelmed by the materialistic focus of American life? Many in our audience would agree with you. Here's a question from Sarah Washburn of Boise, Idaho: "Have you been able to forgive your relatives, your father, your mother and the American people for irrevocably changing your life into the latest version of a freak celebrity like the Boy in the Bubble?"

Elian: &gsiufDon't like Travolta.9d0-

Moderator: Uh, you didn't like John Travolta in the 1970s movie "Boy in a Bubble"? You're certainly displaying powers of observation beyond your years.  Let's open the discussion to our online audience now.

Che: Elian, this is Che, your old kindergarten teacher. Listen very carefully. Remember how we used to teach you to share your toys: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need?" Don't you ever forget that. And just because the attorney general came to get you with automatic weapons, don't reject the Maoist nursery rhyme we used to sing on the playgound, "Let's join hands and have some fun, 'cause all power comes from the barrel of a gun."

Elian: 9dhiuhxallpower to the podpeople!

Billy: Hey, Elian! I'm a fourth grader in Washington, D.C., and I live about two blocks over from the safe house where you're being hidden from the media. Can I come over and play.. if I bring my Gameboy, I mean?

Elian: 9dc#nvsvOKsurevbn.

Sharon: Elian, what's your favorite Salsa group?


Moderator: Elian? Are you still there?

Elian: ....

Moderator: Well, we'll try to get Elian back online. But if we can't, remember next week's celebrity live chat, when we talk to Leonardo DiCaprio about his experiences as a political correspondent.

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