Reprinted with permission from Charisma magazine.

Ex-stripper Kimberly Drake was scheduled to bare her soul today as one of those spotlighted by Victims of Pornography Month. The former exotic dancer,who left the stage after becoming a Christian, now leads a community-valuesgroup in Spokane, Wash., and was one of the featured speakers slated for the launch of the monthlong awareness campaign in Washington, D.C.

"Dancers are victims of an industry that exploits them and holds them inbondage," she said. "Yes, they are making money, but they are losing a partof their souls. They are losing a piece of who they are every single timethey bare themselves naked onstage."

Drake said that drug and alcohol abuse is rampant among dancers at adultclubs, which she dubbed "live pornography." A mother of three, she was a regularperformer at Spokane's Deju Vu club for almost three years before she andher husband became Christians. "There was pain being deposited in my painbank virtually on a daily basis," she said. "I was loved for my body partsand not my character."Victims of Pornography has produced a 30-second TV commercial to be aired inmajor cities across the country during May. Campaign founder Vickie Burresssaid that pornography's producers and consumers alike are victims, as aretheir families and friends. The campaign also has a website that postsother victims' stories and offers counseling referrals for people who want help in beating their addiction.