Admittedly, Bill Bright has had a huge--and largely positive--impact on contemporary American evangelicalism. Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Bright has been responsible for thousands of college kids' finding Jesus. But in his authorized biography, Bright appears faultless: he's a savvy businessman, a passionate speaker, and an all-around good guy--Billy Graham, Bill Gates, and Santa Claus rolled into one. To hear his biographer tell it, Bright's film "Jesus" missed an Oscar nomination by a hair, and his hastily written book "The Coming Revival" was Pulitzer material. But unearned encomium is not the book's only flaw--it reads like a poorly written high-school term paper. By the time the reader turns to chapter two (which begins "When his years of upbringing were over" instead of "As a college freshman"), he will wonder whether biographer Michael Richardson had an editor: surely saint's lives deserve to be well-written.
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