While American politicians were gearing up for what has become a mud-slinging battle in the political primaries, politicians in Swaziland were arguing over stolen dung.

The speaker of the Swaziland House of Assembly, Mgabhi Dlamini, was caught collecting dung from the royal kraal, or cattle pen, of King Mswati, an "unheard of act" that smacks of witchcraft, according to a report by the Panafrican News Agency.

It is popularly believed that the dirt or dung taken where a targeted person has trodden can be used to control future events, bring success or even kill the intended target. Dlamini was caught after other prophets tipped off the authorities.

Dlamini explained he was instructed by his prophet to get cow dung for the treatment of an undisclosed illness. The king and tribal leaders were unconvinced, and asked him to step down from his parliamentary position.

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