The new 3-D first-person action game Avenging Angel is an experience "of biblical proportions," according to its creator. Let's just say the concept of your guardian angel has been "biggie-sized" to WWF dimensions. 

Or is that downsized to the level of the game designers' imaginations?

Whatever the case, the biblical lessons it teaches are foreign to most Sunday morning Bible classes. Whether you're blasting Demon Rats, the evil Lilith or their army of unwitting human soldiers, you can use firepower from this earthly plane like your trusty rail gun, or up to 20 heavenly powers like flesh-eating locusts or boiling blood.

It seems that long ago, an ancient war divided the angels into two groups, the Chosen, who remained in heaven, and the Fallen, who lost the war and fell into the lower realm, where they've been plotting ever since.
According to the company's storyline, you are Malachi, a powerful enforcer for The Big Guy sent to stop God's enemies from desecrating and overthrowing Creation.

Critics agree the game is heavy on blasting enemies, and light on plot and story line. And in the context of the game, questions like, "Why does God allow the evil angels to exist in the first place?" might get you killed.

In its favor, Avenging Angel is surely the only "first-person-shooter" action game in which you can turn your opponent into a pillar of salt. And that's always a plus.

The retail version will be on sale March 31 from Studio 3DO, the makers of Armageddon's Blade.

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