Celtic Mysteries in New England
by Philip Imbrogno and Marianne Horrigan
Llewellyn, 164 pages

"Celtic Mysteries of New England" offers a paranormal spin on the strange stone chambers that dot the Northeast. Local folklore holds that the chambers are colonial root cellars, but the "fairy castles" in Ireland, much older than anything from the American colonial era, are exact duplicates of New England's chambers. Philip Imbrogno and Marianne Horrigan claim that the chambers in America were in fact made by Celts. They say St. Brendan, the Irish saint of folklore who supposedly sailed to America before Columbus, might have built them. Indians believed the chambers were sacred, and UFO's are somehow involved in the strange power they possess. Even readers who raise a questioning eyebrow at the mention of UFOs might find something useful in "Celtic Mysteries of New England." The authors have masterfully mapped out spots of spiritual interest. The book will serve as a useful hiking guide, if nothing more.

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