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OUR WORD TO PARENTS: The following is a brief summary of the content found in this PG-rated comedy/family film. While everything is played for laughs, scenes involving the snowplow driver and his snowplow - chasing kids who run away screaming from his ominous looking plow, etc. - may be frightening, suspenseful and/or unsettling for some young kids, all dependent, of course, on their age, level of maturity and tolerance for such material. While very little profanity is present (2 versions of "crap"), a fair amount of colorful phrases are, some of which some kids may wish to imitate. The same holds true for certain behaviors, especially those related to thwarting the efforts of a snowplow that could end up being dangerous. Some brief violence is present, and one character wishes to harm another for liking his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, some kid-based scatological "humor" is present in the form of farting sounds and some references to urination and yellow snowballs.

Beyond that and some other bad attitudes as well as a buxom girl wearing some tight-fitting outfits, the rest of the film's categories have little or nothing in the way of major objectionable material. Should you still be concerned, however, with the film's appropriateness for anyone in your home, we suggest that you more closely examine our detailed content listings to get a more exact view of what this film contains.
Comedy: An unexpected snowstorm allows members of a family the opportunity to pursue and attain their various dreams and goals.
Despite the film lacking any true drawing power from its cast, the fact that it plays to little kids and teens alike may have a reasonable amount of kids wanting to see it.
For brief mild peril and language.
  • MARK WEBBER plays a teenager so smitten with the prettiest girl in school that he's blinded to the fact that another girl has a crush on him. Overall, he's a good kid who tries anything and everything to impress the first girl.
  • ZENA GREY plays his younger sister who's similarly determined in her goal, although hers is to thwart Snowplowman's efforts of clearing the roads so that the schools can be reopened. While she's generally a good kid and everything's played for comedy, some parents might not find her varied attempts (stealing the snowplow, etc.) as admirable.
  • SCHUYLER FISK plays Hal's best friend, a girl who has a crush on him.
  • EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI plays the object of Hal's attention, the prettiest girl in school who often wears rather tight-fitting outfits that accentuate her rather large bosom.
  • CHUCK WHEELER plays her jock boyfriend who's disrespectful to her and then continuously tries to catch and/or beat up Hal for being interested in Claire.
  • CHEVY CHASE plays Hal's father, the local TV weatherman who tries to prove that his competitor is a fraud.
  • JEAN SMART plays Hal's mother who's seemingly allowed work to become more important to her than family, although she does eventually rearrange her priorities.
  • CHRIS ELLIOT plays the snowplow driver who must contend with the efforts of the local kids to thwart his work.
  • CONNER MATHEUS plays an adventurous and hyperactive toddler who's more than a handful for his mother.
  • JOSH PECK and JADE YORKER play Natalie's friends who aid her in her attempt to thwart Snowplowman's efforts of clearing the streets of snow.

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  • None, other than a song (that plays in the background of a chase scene) that includes the lyric, "When he gets drunk he fights all night."
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  • Some of Snowplowman's teeth are blackened and near rotting looking in appearance.
  • Chet displays and describes a variety of snowballs in their arsenal, and while holding up a bag with a yellow snowball inside, states that the sight of it speaks for what kind of snowball it is.
  • Natalie and Chet put ketchup on Wayne's coat and then have him lie in the road, as if injured and bloody, as a decoy for Snowplowman. When he finds Wayne, he gingerly tests to see if the boy is alive by lightly stepping down on him with his foot, causing Wayne to audibly fart. Later, we hear more farting sounds.
  • A deejay uses water from a toilet to clean graffiti from a bathroom wall.
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  • The students, most of which are never seen, continuously follow and pelt their principal with snowballs throughout the film.
  • Some may see Natalie and her friends' efforts at thwarting Snowplowman's work (as well as holding his bird hostage and stealing his truck) so that they don't have to go to school the next day as having some of both types of attitudes.
  • Natalie continues to play with Hal's collectible action figures after he repeatedly asks her not to.
  • Laura has allowed work to become more important to her than her family (in a comic sense and by the end of the film she's rearranged her priorities).
  • Chuck isn't respectful of Claire (telling her "You're my woman") and wants to beat up Hal for being interested in her.
  • Claire's friends act like snobs and are demeaning toward Lane (although Claire doesn't act that way).
  • Chad is demeaning to Tom, although it's later revealed that he's a fraud.
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  • Although it's all played for laughs, younger kids might be scared by the sight of Snowplowman's huge snowplow, the fact that kids run away from it screaming, and the comments that its chains are made from the braces of kids who didn't get out of its way (as well as the sight of a kid's sled being scooped away by the plow).
  • Snowplowman chases after Natalie, Wayne and Chet off the main road and eventually crashes into their snow fort, collapsing it.
  • Wayne screams and tries to run away from Snowplowman, but we later see that the boy is locked inside the man's truck (again, played for laughs, but younger kids might not see the humor of the situation). Later, we see that Wayne has been tied to the front of the plow's blade as Snowplowman drives up to a "hostage" exchange.
  • Chuck and his friends chase Hal on snowmobiles through the woods.
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  • None.
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  • Phrases: "Kiss my butt," "Moron," "Freaks," "Cocky," "Babe" (for young woman), "Nimrod," "El Sucko," "Winter wonderland, my butt," "Give me a break," "Whiz" (urinate), "Dirt bag," "Bites the big one" (said and seen written on a bathroom wall), "You are so dead," "Mook," "Dink," "Blow hole," an incomplete "Oh sh**" "Idiot," "Crappy," "Loser," "Whiny little runt," "Dimwits" and "You totally saved my butt."
  • A running gag in the film concerns the students, most of which are never seen, continuously following and pelting their principal with snowballs throughout the film.
  • Four-year-old Randy does the following during the film: He blows bubbles in his soup through a straw and later spits some back out into the bowl, he shows that he can put his entire fist into his mouth, he fills up a shoe with ice from a refrigerator's icemaker, he beats his head against a wall while "wearing" an open lunch box on his head, and he runs out into the snow in just his underwear and with paint all over his body.
  • Wayne relieves himself out in the snow.
  • Claire, who's rather buxom, wears rather tight-fitting tops (including midriff barring tank-tops) that show/suggest her ample bosom underneath.
  • Chuck drinks from the milk carton at Claire's house and then loudly belches.
  • Natalie and Chet put ketchup on Wayne's coat and then have him lie in the road, as if injured, as a decoy for Snowplowman.
  • Natalie and Chet kidnap Snowplowman's bird and then call him, asking for an exchange between the bird and their friend Wayne.
  • We see that the kids have tied Snowplowman to a street sign.
  • Natalie, Wayne and Chet drive off in Snowplowman's snowplow (despite none of them being old enough to legally drive).
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  • None.
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  • A moderate amount of comically suspenseful music plays in several scenes during the film.
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  • A lyric from the Brian Setzer song "Switchblade 327" (that plays in the background of a snowmobile chase scene) states (among other things) "When he gets drunk he fights all night" (although it's doubtful kids will notice any of that due to focusing on the chase).
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  • 2 versions of crap ("crappy") are used.
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  • The blade on Snowplowman's truck has a 1940's style painting of a pinup woman on it (buxom with bare midriff in a sexy pose).
  • Although it appears that we may see part of Wayne's bare butt after he relieves himself out in the snow and then flees from the snowplow (with his pants partially down), it later seems that what we were seeing was his long underwear (although this isn't certain).
  • Claire wears rather tight-fitting tops (including midriff barring tank-tops) that show/suggest her ample bosom underneath.
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  • None.
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  • Although it's played in a comic sense, the rest of the family is a bit perturbed/letdown that the mom has seemingly put work ahead of the family (she's late for dinner and then has to take a business call during it, etc.).
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  • Natalie and the other kids' attempts at stopping the snowplow's work (stealing the snowplow, standing in front of it, etc.).
  • The kids always throwing snowballs at their principal.
  • How Hal didn't realize that Lane had a crush on him since he was so blinded by his preoccupation with Claire.
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  • Although it's done in the spirit of fun, the school principal is repeatedly pelted with snowballs throughout the film.
  • After Snowplowman is hit in the face with a snowball, he accidentally runs his snowplow into a car. To retaliate, he drives his snowplow off the road and finally smashes into Natalie, Wayne and Chet's snow fort, collapsing it (they get out without harm).
  • A kid who's fallen asleep while ice-skating hits and flips over the sideboard wall.
  • After exchanging hostages with Natalie (his bird for Wayne), Snowplowman throws Wayne to the snow-covered ground (in a comic fashion).
  • Chuck briefly threatens to hit Hal with a shovel and later he and his friends then chase Hal on snowmobiles where one of them is knocked off his snowmobile upon hitting a low branch.
  • Chuck throws Hal down and then steps down on him. He's then hit by the snowplow blade, however, and near completely buried in a snow bank (but seems otherwise uninjured).
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