Some bands wear their influences on their sleeves. The Huntingtons wear a suit made out of sleeves, proclaiming their absolute reverence for the Ramones. And they have a knack for reverence.. Since their start in 1993, the Huntingtons have put out two albums full of Ramones covers, and when they aren't covering the '80s rockers' songs, they are writing songs that sound eerily like them.

How far does their fandom go? They all use the same last name Huntington, originally chosen from the name of a housing development. They go by Mikey, Cliffy, Mikee, and Bradley (similar to Joey, Dee Dee, Marky and Johnny). Their songs revolve around the ups and downs of life as a high school teenager. They even show up for photo shoots wearing identical letter jackets (letter "H," of course).

It all so silly it's cool. "Plastic Surgery," the latest offering of Huntingtons originals from Tooth & Nail, their West Coast Christian punk label, is a perfect example of their "old school" punk rock with a 90s flavor, and always with Ramone-styled vocals: "Growing up is no fun/It is too hard right now/Growing up is no fun/I wanna stop it somehow/But if I have to I wanna grow up with you"

Apparently the Ramones themselves are eating the Huntingtons' homages up. When The Huntingtons played New York's CBGB in December, Joey Ramone joined them on stage for seven songs. You can read all about their night of heaven on earth at their website (ww.huntingtonsusa.com). Meanwhile, listen to "Plastic Surgery," whether out of appreciation or for thinly diguised nostalgia. The Huntingtons won't mind at all. Why do you think they write these songs? Gabba Gabba Hey!

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